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Independent Living at Links View

You’ve worked hard throughout your lifetime and your Links View retirement apartment means you can keep the freedom you’ve always enjoyed. We believe that keeping your independence for as long as possible is the perfect way to enjoy your retirement.

Life at Links View offers a carefree and independent life with help on hand when you need it. While you enjoy the privacy of your flat, you know that you’re surrounded by neighbours and staff who will keep an eye on you. Help is at always hand – but only when you need it.
We take care of all your day-to-day hassles of property, maintenance and security issues. Which means you’re free to enjoy life as you choose, in the company of friends and neighbours or in the privacy of your own luxury apartment.

This is a lovely place and allows for independent living with a choice for level of care. The staff are an extension of the family with a true caring and kind nature. I feel very happy knowing my Gran is so well looked after. I couldn’t recommend this place more; my Granny loves it here.
Steph Greaves
Independent Living

Your Independent Lifestyle

Our philosophy is to do everything we can to help you stay as independent as possible for as long as possible. With this in mind, we’ve created an environment and lifestyle based on support and choice. This means:

Having your own front door

There’s nothing like being able to lock your front door at night, and it means you can enjoy peace and personal time in the privacy of your own apartment.

Freedom to come and go as you wish

Links View is an extra care complex, so all of the facilities you need are available within the building, such as a launderette and hairdressers. But it’s your choice whether or not you use them. If you prefer, you can use a launderette in Lytham or a hairdresser in Ansdell.

Your days are your own

You’ve lived all of your life independently, and you don’t relish the idea of moving into a care home and having your days mapped out for you. At Links View, you’ll be able to plan and live to your routine from when to get up to when you fancy lunch. You’ll enjoy living your own normal life and normal routines in your new home.

Help when you need it (but not when you don't)

Loss of independence is one of the biggest concerns as we age. Not being able to do the things you used to do is frustrating and having to ask or wait for help is demoralising.

If you like to do things your way in your own home, you can carry on doing just that. And when you do need some help, you’ll get some help. But the help that you need – because we don’t want to take away your cherished independence.

You can choose to eat in the dining room (or not)

If you’ve been cooking meals for a family all of your life, you’ll appreciate the restaurant-style dining room at Links View. You’ll be able to walk to a table laid with cutlery and served with a hot meal cooked by the in-house chef. And the best bit? You can get up afterwards without having to do the washing up!

As with most things at Links View, meals in the dining room are optional. Want to go out with friends? Itching for a curry in town? Partial to dining at home with a takeaway? The choice is always yours. 

You choose who looks after you

It’s inevitable that we’ll all need a little extra help as we get older. You might need help with housework, shopping, or personal care. Managers at Links View will help you find the best type of care to suit your needs. It might be one of the care team, a local care provider, or you might choose to employ someone directly.

Whichever solution you come up with, we’ll work together to ensure it’s the best choice for you.

You decide how much socialising you want to do

When you’re looking for an alternative to a traditional care home, the social aspect might be the deciding factor for you.

You might enjoy being surrounded by people, love the sound of voices and relish the busy side of life at Links View. You can wander around the corridors for your exercise, chatting with residents and staff. Pop into the social events in the dining room. Enjoy afternoon tea and a chat with everyone.

Or you might prefer quiet time alone or with your closest friends in your apartment, the library or grounds.

However much socialising you want to do – at Links View – you guessed it – the choice is up to you!

Low Maintenance Independent Living

At Links View, there’s no exterior house or garden maintenance to worry about. We take care of it for you.

In most cases, life in an apartment will mean downsizing from your current premises. So you’ll have a lot less internal space to keep clean and tidy and a lot less clutter to keep under control.

Without the problems of maintaining an older family property, Links View gives you the time and opportunity for a more varied, fulfilling lifestyle in luxurious surroundings.

Visiting Relatives

You are choosing an independent retirement, but you may still want to stay close and connected to your family. With your private apartment, there are no limits on who can visit and when.

But whilst you might have chosen to retire to the Fylde Coast, your family may live many miles away, too far for an impromptu day visit. If this is the case, and you don’t have a bed for them in your apartment, our guest suite is a welcome added benefit. Suitable for happy get-togethers and also times of illness or crisis, when the last thing relatives need is the added stress of finding somewhere to stay. The guest suite is a perfect facility for family peace of mind, complete with twin beds and an ensuite bathroom.